Monday, May 31, 2010

My First 16mm Film

Filmed on a Bell & Howell with 16mm film. Edited on Final Cut Pro.

"Hand Forced" is out!!!
Be sure to watch it

~ John Yuen
~ Pea Perry

Special Guest: OddBallMatt

Watch the Hand Forced trailer now!
Playing Below:

The year is 2015, World War III has just ended. Our government is in shambles, depression strikes the land! Without law and order chaos over runs the streets. People are forced to fend for themselves. When a couple of thieves get caught stealing, they have to fight for their lives to survive!

If you click on "Hand Forced Teaser" in the upper left corner of the embedded video, it will take you to YouTube. There you can click on the "more info" tab and watch the extended trailer as well as the trailer for my last movie "Stolen Flame" ;)

~ I also want to thank D.O.T for making the "Hand Forced Sound Track" Be sure to pick up their new album that's dropping Fall 2010.

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